You Know Us So Well

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Psalm 139:1 O Lord You search me and you know me.
One of the most appreciated places to be is around someone who knows us; I mean REALLY knows us.  So often in our lives we paint pictures of ourselves and create appearances for others so that they may see us as we’d like to be seen.  But there are those who cannot be fooled or manipulated.  These are the ones closest to us.  How stress-free it is to be with someone who knows us so well that we can be ourselves, without fear, without the need to fake it.

The Psalmist appreciates this characteristic of God.  He knows us.  He REALLY knows us.  I had a Lutheran grade-school teacher who said something in religion class that I have not forgotten.  He said, “Before God lifted a finger to create the heavens and the earth, He knew your name.”  What an amazing thing to consider.  Not only does God know you, he knew you before there was a you.  The One who knows us that well knows when we’re sad, confused, lonely, elated, celebratory, angry, helpless, hopeless, excited, nervous, and everything else.  And a benefit of having that kind of knowledge of us is the ability to offer to us whatever we need when we’re in any of those circumstances.

That’s a reason God gives His Word.  It’s not just that he knows the model called “humanity.”  It’s that he knows the individuals of humanity like you and me.  After all, He is the one who has created us individually, uniquely.  And the reason why he has such amazing assurances in His Word is not just for the sake of a generic “humanity”, but because of each of us, individually, whom He knows so well.  That’s why when we go there, we will always, always find something which speaks so specifically.  And thankfully, it is because God knows us so well that He knows how much we’d need a Savior. 

Prayer: O Lord God, we are grateful You know us so well.  May we always find our comfort, our answers, and our certainty in You.  Amen.

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