Timing is Everything

clear hour glass with brown frame
Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord! Psalm 27:14 (ESV)

Timing is everything.  As we heard in our last devotion, it was at just the right time that the heavenly Father sent His Son to save us from sin and death.  God’s timing is perfect.  I get that.  But for some reason I don’t always believe that.  At least there are times that I live as if I don’t believe that.

Are you like me?.  When you prayed, were there times that you told God how to answer your prayer?  Have you told Him when to answer your prayer?  If I were honest with myself (and with the Lord) I would probably pray, My will be done…NOW! 

Timing is everything…even with God.  He has perfect timing.  He answers prayer with perfect timing.  There are those times He answers our prayer, saying, Wait. 

People with urgent prayers don’t really want to hear, Wait!  Why does God so often cause us to wait?  Like a loving parent He has His reasons.  When we wait, it causes us to rely more deeply on the Lord.  In waiting, He causes us to see how dependent we are on His love, mercy and wisdom.   When we wait, we are moved to continue our prayer, practicing the persistence of prayer that Jesus encourages.  When we wait, we are more appreciative of God’s grace when He answers prayer.

Waiting is a good thing.  Just wait…you’ll see.

Lord Jesus, thank You for always hearing my prayers.  Thank You for always answering according to Your will, not mine.  Continue to remind me that Your will is for my best interest.  Bless me with joy and patience in my moments of waiting.  I ask this in Your name and to Your glory.  Amen.  

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