December 2017

New Year’s Eve Message

The Message

God’s Christmas Tree

As we gather on this day of joy and peace, our hearts rejoice at the mystery of Christmas. God has come to us as the quiet infant of Bethlehem. This loving God who created us came into our sinful world. As Lord and Savior, He lived the perfect life for us, died on the cross to forgive our sins, and rose from the grave to open for us life eternal. Today we join the angels, who sing the praise of our God, who comes in the flesh to bring peace through sins forgiven and joy through life eternal!

Seeing Jesus Through The Wise Men

As we gather in these weeks of Advent, our weekend worship series is, “Seeing Jesus Through Others.” We continue our series this weekend by “Seeing Jesus Through the Wise Men.” We often refer to these men as “kings” who traveled from afar. Jesus is the King of kings, who left His thrown in heaven to be born of a virgin and accomplish our salvation by His life, death and resurrection.

Advent – Hope

As we gather during these Wednesdays of Advent preparation our worship theme is, “Christmas Words.” The word this week is “hope.” The dictionary defines “hope” as “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.” The Biblical definition of “hope” is “certainty that the Lord’s will is done among us.”


As we gather for our first midweek Advent service, we find that our worship series is, “Christmas Words.” Each Christmas we hear words that just seem to fit the season. We hear them so often that they often become hollow of meaning. This year we will examine common Christmas words and find the true meanings behind them for those who live and believe in the Child of Bethlehem. Today, we begin this series examining the word, “Joy.” We sing “Joy to the World.” Christmas cards announce, “Joy!” But what is “joy?” How can we be filled with joy in times of trouble? We will hear that God’s people experience good grief and great joy!

Seeing Jesus Through Joseph

As we gather in these weeks of Advent, our weekend worship series is, “Seeing Jesus Through Others.” We begin our series this weekend by “Seeing Jesus Through Joseph.” Joseph is the silent figure of Christmas, yet the one to whom great responsibility is given. He is called to name the Savior, to protect Him and to make sure He is given a safe home. The same responsibilities are given to Jesus, who protects us and prepares for us a safe home in heaven.

November 2017

The Message

As we gather to worship the Lord as His family, we understand that we are living in the last days. The Lord Himself promised to come to take us to heaven, but He also promised to be with us through our life’s journey in this world. As we live out our lives we are called to believe in Jesus and to give Hi glory with our entire beings!

What Happens When Jesus Shows Up!


Take 5: Serve

As we gather in worship we conlcude our current worship series, "TAKE 5." Over these past weeks we have been encouraged to worship, to pray, to conduct family devotions, to be active in Bible study. Today we are encouraged to put our faith in action.