June 2018

Forbidden Fruit

AS WE GATHER to worship the Lord, our summer worship series theme is, “Heaven’s Kitchen.” Have you noticed how many of the Biblical accounts center around food? This summer we will base our worship on these accounts to see the love, mercy and grace of God in our lives.

May 2018

Family Conflict—Family Peace

AS WE GATHER on this day of worship, we give thanks to the Lord for the families in which He placed us. As we do, we search His Word to see how, within the bonds of family, we can live in peace with each other and with the desire to serve Him by loving one another.

There’s No Place Like Home

AS WE GATHER on this Mother’s Day we give thanks to the risen Lord who proclaims to us the joyous message of life in Him. The Lord has established our homes and families as places where His love, mercy and forgiveness are proclaimed. Today we praise the Lord for family and friends who celebrate with us life and life eternal.


AS WE GATHER we acknowledge that this is a special day in the life of First Immanuel Lutheran. We are taking a step of faith by making a commitment toward the vision God has given us. This is a high point in our BOLD Enough campaign. Today, in worship, we will experience the transforming power of the Gospel as God breathes new life into us. Ready? Take a deep breath…

April 2018

BOLD Journey

AS WE GATHER in worship our sermon series is, BOLD Enough, focusing on role models from the Scripture who were BOLD Enough to live their faith in dynamic ways. At an advanced age the Lord called Abraham to leave his homeland any journey to a place the Lord would designate. The Book of Hebrews says, “By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to a place that he was to receive as an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he was going.” We are called to follow the Lord to new and exciting places.

BOLD Builder

AS WE GATHER in worship our sermon series is, BOLD Enough, focusing on role models from the Scripture who were BOLD Enough to live their faith in dynamic ways. Noah was called by God to build a boat—a big boat. He lived nowhere near the water. He was BOLD Enough to listen to the Lord and live by His commands.

Rising With Jesus

WELCOME TO OUR REJOICING COMMUNITY as we celebrate the Good News of Christ’s Resurrection! The stone has been rolled away and the grave is empty. Christ is risen! Our Savior has overcome sin, death, the devil and hell for us. And we are assured that not only has Jesus risen, but when He returns on the Last Day, He will raise all the dead. Because Christ lives, we too will live forever! Alleluia!

March 2018

Dining With Jesus

AS WE GATHER we approach the Lord’s Table with humble, repentant hearts, receiving the true Body and the true Blood of Jesus with the bread and the wine. As we partake in this Sacrament we thank the Lord who imparts to us the forgiveness of sins, a strengthening of faith and the promise of life eternal.


AS WE GATHER on these Wednesdays in Lent, our worship theme is “Christian Characteristics.” Today we marvel at the prayer life of Jesus during Holy Week. In his most stress filled moments, Jesus took time to pray. Jesus taught his disciples to pray, and modeled a beautiful relationship with his Father through prayer.

Fishing with Jesus

AS WE GATHER in this season of Lent our worship theme is, “Life with Christ.” Today our topic is, “Fishing with Jesus.” Jesus astounds fishermen as He simply sends them into the deep waters to cast their nets. Fishing in the deep during the hottest time of the day would be futile, but the men pull in an amazing catch. We know the power and the love of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. We understand He created us, redeemed us and preserves us in faith. But we are also to hear Him call us to be fisher of men—living our faith in such way that others would see Jesus through us.