February 2014

“Body Building” (I Corinthians 3:10-17)

We praise our God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who called us by the power of His Word to be His Church, and as His Church, to share the Gospel with the entire world!

“Good, Better, Best” (Deuteronomy 30:15-20)

we give thanks to the Lord who has rescued us from the power of sin and death by His cross and empty tomb.  In response to the grace of God, we live our new lives to His glory.

January 2014

“God Owns It All”

Savings for Harvest and Famine

Today we hear how we can properly prepare for the future by a wise use of the Lord’s resources.  Too often we look at what we lack rather than seeing the blessings God gives and using them appropriately.  Today we learn about “Savings for Harvest and Famine.”

Trust God Completely

In worship we hear how we can “Trust God Completely.”  This sounds obvious to those who follow the Lord, but a closer look of our lives reveals that often we don’t. Too often we place our hope in things of the world rather than the promises of God.  True contentment is found in trusting the […]

“Lighten Up!” (Isaiah 60:1-6)

Today in worship we celebrate “Epiphany,” the gift of Jesus, who comes as the Light of the World and the Savior of the Nations.  The gentile Wise Men followed the light of the star to worship the Lord of Life.  With these men we kneel before the Lord in worship, acknowledging in Him alone do we […]

November 2013

Not Just Clean Hands, But Clean Hearts

In worship we hear Jesus calling us to “Turn It Up,” when it comes to living our redeemed and renewed lives.  In the “Sermon on the Mount” Jesus challenges us to a life that exceeds any boundaries to love and sacrifice.  Today we hear Jesus reminding us that a sanctified life is one with a clean […]

April 2013

130407 I Just Can’t Put My Finger on It!

In the continued glow of the empty Easter tomb, we join with Thomas the disciple, who struggled to believe Jesus had risen from the grave. Like Thomas, we at times, demand signs of Jesus' love and power. But the truth remains Jesus is the Victory because He has risen indeed!

March 2013

130331 It’s Folly-Easter Sunday-Pastor Raasch

We celebrate the Good News of Christ's Resurrection! The stone has been rolled away and the grave is empty. Christ is risen! Our Savior has overcome sin, death, the devil and hell. Ours is now the sure and certain hope that only Jesus can bring into hearts and homes. New Life is ours! We pray […]

130331 Sunrise Service-Hey God Thanks for Nothing-Pastor Raasch

This Sunrise Service is designed to be contemplative. As the women made their way to the tomb they wondered how they would remove the stone. When the women saw the stone had been rolled away they worried as to who had tampered with the tomb. When they were told by angels that the Lord had […]