June 2015

THE STORY: A Few Good Men…and Women

As we gather in worship we continue our initiative called, “The Story.”  Today we find that the people of Israel have been in the Promised Land for a generation and have already forgotten the Lord.  Because they have wandered they fall into trouble.  The Lord sends Judges to rescue them.  We hear how God calls […]

May 2015

The Story: Wandering

As we gather to continue our journey through “The Story,” we find ourselves in the Wilderness with the Children of Israel.  On the doorstep to the Promised Land, they question God’s guiding, God’s power and their own faithfulness.  Their journey causes us to pause and examine our journey in the Wilderness of this world as we […]

The Story: New Commands and a New Covenant

As we gather in worship we continue our initiative called, “The Story.”  Today we join the Children of Israel as they receive from the Lord His Law.  As we view His holy Law we notice that we fall short of its demands, but we also hear the Good News of Jesus, who lived the Law for […]

Ascension: Power!

As we gather on this day of celebration we praise the Risen Lord Jesus Christ who, through His ascension, is with us always, protecting us and blessing us by His power. It is important that we keep our minds on Him, living as His holy children.

The Story: Deliverance

As we gather in worship we continue our initiative called, “The Story.”  Today we hear how the Lord sends Moses to call the Children of Israel out of the bondage to the Egyptians and sends them on their way to the Promised Land.  In like manner, our heavenly Father sends His Son, Jesus, to rescue us […]

April 2015

The Story: God Builds A Nation

As we gather in worship we continue our initiative called, “The Story.” Today we hear how God builds a nation in a most peculiar manner. As the Lord calls Abraham and Sarah He gives them great promises. Those same promises are given to us as the Lord calls us to follow Him

The Story: The Beginning of Life as We Know It

As we gather in worship this weekend we begin our 31 week initiative called, “The Story.” Today we hear about “beginnings.” The Book of Genesis of filled with beginnings. We will see how those beginnings of so many years ago still influence our lives today.

The One Who Goes Ahead

Welcome to our rejoicing community as we celebrate the Good News of Christ’s Resurrection! The stone has been rolled away and the grave is empty. Christ is risen! Our Savior has overcome sin, death, the devil and hell. Ours is now the sure and certain hope that only Jesus can bring into hearts and homes. New Life is ours! We pray that the Living Lord grants you a joy-filled day with your family, your fellow Christians, and your friends. May each new day, lived in the victory of Jesus, be yours! We invite you to join us each week to celebrate His Resurrectio

Whose Shoes?

March 2015

Judging Jesus: Power On Trial

AS WE GATHER in these weekends of Lent our sermon series is, “Judging Jesus.” During the closing weeks of Jesus’ earthly ministry many judged Him. Today the judging continues. Today we hear how Herod, the nominal king of the Jewish people in the first century, questions Jesus’ power.