February 2017

The Foolishness of the Cross

As we gather in worship we conclude our current sermon series, Reformation Celebration.  Today we will consider the “glory of the cross,” understanding that Christianity doesn’t promise a plush life in this world, but points us to the love and work of Jesus that does promise perfect life in heaven.

January 2017

Law and Gospel

As we gather today we are confronted with bad new and good news.  We would rather simply hear the good news.  The truth is, the Good News that the Lord gives us cannot truly be understood nor appreciated unless we are confronted with the bad news.

Word vs. Tradition

As we gather: How do you boil water, fold your clothes, or discipline a child?  We all have been shaped by traditions of our parents, grandparents, teachers and coaches.  Traditions can be a powerful motivator both consciously and subconsciously.  In the Church of 1517, traditions had been established regarding the doctrine of salvation and the […]

December 2016

I Always Get the Same Thing for Christmas

As we gather on this day of joy and peace, our hearts rejoice at the mystery of Christmas. God has come to us as the quiet infant of Bethlehem. This loving God who created us came into our sinful world. As Lord and Savior, He lived the perfect life for us, died on the cross to […]

The Heart of the Matter

As we gather in worship during these weeks of Advent our worship series, Home Is Where the Heart Is, will remind us that the love of Christ redeems us that we may live in Him today as we await the home in heaven that He has prepared for us. Today we are called to understand that […]

October 2016

A Surprising Neighbor

As we gather in worship this week we conclude our worship series, Surprising Stories of Mercy and Grace.   Today we are presented with the parable of “The Good Samaritan,” allowing us to examine our lives as neighbors to others.

A Surprising Verdict

As we gather in worship this week we begin our new worship series under the theme Surprising Stories of Mercy and Grace.  Over the next five weeks we will examine parables of Jesus that may shock us today as they did to His hearers 2,000 years ago.  But then again, God’s mercy and grace are amazing.  […]

September 2016

FIL Up: Attending the Feast Together

As we gather during September our worship theme is “FIL Up.”  Our Lord has provided us with a number of ways to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Savior, Jesus.  Today we celebrate our call as a congregation, where we fill up on the gifts of Word and Sacrament in our weekly worship.

August 2016

When You Believe In God, but Not in His Church

As we gather we close our summer weekend worship series, “The Christian Atheist.”  During these past weeks we have heard how easy it is for Christians to live as if we don’t know Jesus.  Our Lord is compassionate and forgiving.  His love encourages us to live the faith He has entrusted to our hearts and minds.  […]

July 2016

Bring Us Comfort—Bring Us Commitment—Bring Us Concern

As we gather we give thanks to the Lord for the gift of the Church, through which He feeds us with His Word and Sacraments.  We recognize today how the Lord gathers His Church to comfort it with forgiveness, life and salvation, but He also presents His Church with a concern for those who don’t know […]