March 2020

Why are you waiting to answer the call?

What is keeping you from picking up God’s call? Too busy? Too distracted? Too worried about what might happen or what others might say about you? God has put you at this time and this place- surrounded by these people- for his purpose. Jesus has answered the call to save you. Why are you waiting to answer his call?

Time To Pray

Learning to pray is a lot like learning to speak. We start with mumbles, groans, and cries, and they eventually turn into understandable words. How can we learn to pray? We learn to listen, learn to learn, and learn to join Jesus as he prays.

Why are you waiting to pray?

What is keeping you from praying? Is life too easy? Too overwhelming? Are you caught up in other relationships? Are you caught up missing people? Why are you waiting to pray? Life is hard, and things often do not go the way we hope or plan. But Jesus is praying for you. Why are you waiting to pray?

Why are you waiting to get in?

Are you waiting to get into the church, get into God’s will? What’s holding you up? The storms, the difficulties? Well, whether you’re in the boat or out of it, the wind will howl and wail. But Jesus is in the boat. Why are you waiting to get in?

February 2020

Ash Wednesday – What are you waiting for?

On this day of repentance, we remember our many sins and our deep brokenness. We are people in need of repair. During Ash Wednesday, we seek to give up our sinfulness; this Lenten season, we are going to take up something. We are going to dedicate ourselves to 40 days of following Jesus through intentional reflection, reading, prayer, and action. We are marked this day with ashes, and with purpose, as God’s redeemed children, following Christ to the cross.