August 2020

Pivot into Victory

Whether playing sports, board games, or any other competition we all want to win. We love the joy and celebration that goes along with the win.  Today we focus on Jesus who has won the victory over sin, death, and the devil.  Because of His victory, nothing can separate us from His love… nothing!   […]

July 2020

Pivot Into Hope

Jesus has big plans. But we have to wait patiently for the last Day. In fact, we are not alone in our waiting. All of creation is waiting, groaning together for God to come back! Thank God we have the Spirit, interceding for us, and helping us to PIVOT to HOPE.   FIL Ministries helps people […]

Pivot Into Freedom

In our worship series, “PIVOT,” we hear how St. Paul, in Romans 8, calls us to move into positions of confidence in Christ.  Today we are called to “Pivot into Freedom.”  Often, without realizing, we are slaves to the sins that rob our lives of meaning, purpose and joy.  Through Christ, and His saving work, we are free to live the lives that the Lord has designed for us.

Pivot Into Peace

We are reminded that because of the craziness of COVID-19, we are all having to pivot from our “normal.”  We are trying to figure out what life, relationships, work, money, etc. look like.  Romans 8 is a pivot chapter in the book of Romans.  Our new life in Christ is marked with life and peace […]