December 2019

Rise and Shine

AS WE GATHER In the waters of the Jordan River, John baptized Jesus. Jesus didn't need what baptism gives, but we do. Baptism is one of the ways God gives us forgiveness of sins. In this Sunday after Christmas we give thanks that our King Jesus was born into the world, and did everything we couldn't, so that we could have everything we shouldn't. Thank you Jesus!

September 2019

The Message

July 2019


AS WE GATHER we celebrate the revolutionary freedom Jesus won for us through his death and resurrection. While the USA celebrates victory over a tyrannical king almost 250 years ago, we celebrate the eternal victory of Jesus over the tyranny of sin, death, and evil almost 2,000 years ago. Jesus has given us the power to become children of God and live eternally with him. That is true revolutionary freedom!

May 2019

The Message

AS WE GATHER We live as free citizens of the United States, because of those who gave their lives to defend our nation and those who continue to serve our country in our Armed Forces. On this Memorial Day weekend we also celebrate the freedom we have received from sin through Jesus Christ. The very Son of God who came to liberate us from the bondage of sin. Through His life, death, and resurrection we have been set free.

December 2018

The Message

AS WE GATHER on this weekend after our Christmas celebration, we follow Joseph and Mary to the Temple, where they will perform the traditional custom for Jesus—circumcision and naming.  As they make their way to the Temple they are stopped by two people who proclaim the Child in their arms to be the promised Savior […]

November 2018


October 2018

The Message

AS WE GATHER Today we find that the people of Israel designed "homemade" worship. They fashioned images in an attempt to worship the Lord. They worship in cities that were not designed to be places of worship. It seems they look to convenience in their worship rather than commitment. How easy it is for us to design our spiritual lives around our schedules and our personal desires. The road that leads to life through Christ is not easy. Let God's design, be our design... and let's grow together.

September 2018

The Message

AS WE GATHER Our Christian identity is intended to be infused into our daily lives.  Our faith in Jesus Christ shapes our thoughts, actions, and decision making at home, work, or at play.  This Labor Day weekend we rejoice and give thanks for the different skills, talents, and passions that we have been given.  Saved […]

August 2018

The Message

AS WE GATHER in worship of the Triune God we give thanks for the privilege of learning more about Him and His world. As our community schools begin opening their doors to a new year of education, we pray for the Lord’s blessings to rest on our homes and schools as together we grow in wisdom and faith.

May 2018

Family Conflict—Family Peace

AS WE GATHER on this day of worship, we give thanks to the Lord for the families in which He placed us. As we do, we search His Word to see how, within the bonds of family, we can live in peace with each other and with the desire to serve Him by loving one another.