June 2020

Jesus – The Word of Confidence

One day, if we are not alive at the second coming of Christ, we will all find ourselves in our last hour of life.  Jesus illustrated that we can simply place our lives into the hands of our Heavenly Father, who created us, sent His Son to save us, gave us of His Holy Spirit […]

November 2018

The Message

AS WE GATHER to consider the core values of our congregation, we hear how Generosity plays an important part in the life of God’s people, because we have a generous God. Our core value states, We readily and willingly respond to the Lord’s generous love through generous living and giving.

August 2018

The Message

AS WE GATHER in worship of the Triune God we give thanks for the privilege of learning more about Him and His world. As our community schools begin opening their doors to a new year of education, we pray for the Lord’s blessings to rest on our homes and schools as together we grow in wisdom and faith.

November 2017

The Message

As we gather to worship the Lord in these closing days of the Church year, we consider the End Times and the importance of living by faith in Christ Jesus. Jesus has promised to come again with all glory and majesty to call His followers home to heaven. This is our peace as we continue our journey through this world.

November 2015

The Story: Paul’s Final Days

As we gather in worship we consider the conclusion to Paul’s ministry.  Paul travels throughout Asia Minor sharing the Good News of Jesus.  The results are mixed as some people believe and others scoff.  He encourages the believers to “fight the good fight of faith.”