November 2019

Why TRUTH Matters

AS WE GATHER we begin our series “TRUTH: The Ultimate Reality Check!” Today we come to understand “why” truth matters in our daily lives. Truth is foundational for us because it affects our daily lives--our attitudes and actions. When we live in the truth, we live in the light. We are called into faith that we may live out the truth in each of our relationships.

September 2019

The Message

July 2019

Loving On Purpose: Words of Affirmation

AS WE GATHER we hear how words are powerful. Words can build up or tear down. When Jesus speaks to us, His intentions are always to enhance our relationship with Him and with one another. The Lord reminds us to “speak the truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15).

June 2019


AS WE GATHER we continue our series, “Family Pray-cation.” Today’s theme, “Conflict,” is no stranger to our homes and families. Spatting spouses, battling brothers, sniping sisters and grumbling grandparents arise to siphon the oy out of relationships. We need to respond to our needs and each other’s needs through a more productive manner – prayer.

May 2019

The Message

AS WE GATHER We live as free citizens of the United States, because of those who gave their lives to defend our nation and those who continue to serve our country in our Armed Forces. On this Memorial Day weekend we also celebrate the freedom we have received from sin through Jesus Christ. The very Son of God who came to liberate us from the bondage of sin. Through His life, death, and resurrection we have been set free.

March 2019

Jesus our Suffering Servant

AS WE GATHER to worship the Creator of all things and King of the universe, we recognize that He came into our world with one mission: “to seek and save the lost.” Imagine the love Jesus must have for us and the entire sinful world that He would leave the glory of heaven to come into our broken world and our hurting lives.

February 2019

When the End is Near

AS WE GATHER: When you know where you are going… it’s a lot easier to arrive at the destination. Paul helps us look forward to the prize which Christ gives to all believers. When you begin with Heaven in mind, it shapes your thinking, your values, and your attitude. Our citizenship is in heaven, we look forward with hope and anticipation to our future home with Jesus.

January 2019

Bold Enough to Dream About Them

AS WE GATHER our current worship series is “BOLD Enough to Dream.”  Psalm 126:1 says, “we were like those who dream.”  God’s people are called to dream of the possibilities the Lord lays before us.  Today we are “BOLD Enough to Dream about Them.”

December 2018

The Message

AS WE GATHER on this weekend after our Christmas celebration, we follow Joseph and Mary to the Temple, where they will perform the traditional custom for Jesus—circumcision and naming.  As they make their way to the Temple they are stopped by two people who proclaim the Child in their arms to be the promised Savior […]

November 2018

The Message