March 2020

Time To Pray

Learning to pray is a lot like learning to speak. We start with mumbles, groans, and cries, and they eventually turn into understandable words. How can we learn to pray? We learn to listen, learn to learn, and learn to join Jesus as he prays.

Why are you waiting to get in?

Are you waiting to get into the church, get into God’s will? What’s holding you up? The storms, the difficulties? Well, whether you’re in the boat or out of it, the wind will howl and wail. But Jesus is in the boat. Why are you waiting to get in?

February 2020

Ash Wednesday – What are you waiting for?

On this day of repentance, we remember our many sins and our deep brokenness. We are people in need of repair. During Ash Wednesday, we seek to give up our sinfulness; this Lenten season, we are going to take up something. We are going to dedicate ourselves to 40 days of following Jesus through intentional reflection, reading, prayer, and action. We are marked this day with ashes, and with purpose, as God’s redeemed children, following Christ to the cross.

Navigating Anxiety

What are you anxious about? Notice I didn’t say are you anxious. Most of us if asked what are we anxious about would have an answer within a few seconds. Anxiety and stress are a part of our lives, and it matters how we navigate these tense situations. We cast our anxieties on God because he cares for us!

January 2020

Freed to Serve

We love to talk about how we are “free” as people. Generally, what we mean by that is, “I can do whatever I want.” Well, Peter has some words for that. Can we, as Christians, do whatever we want? We have been forgiven and set free, after all. We hear today, “Don’t use your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but live as servants of God.” You are invited to consider how you are freed to serve!

December 2019

Rise and Shine

AS WE GATHER In the waters of the Jordan River, John baptized Jesus. Jesus didn't need what baptism gives, but we do. Baptism is one of the ways God gives us forgiveness of sins. In this Sunday after Christmas we give thanks that our King Jesus was born into the world, and did everything we couldn't, so that we could have everything we shouldn't. Thank you Jesus!

God Weeping With Us

AS WE GATHER we recall the many tears we’ve cried, and the ones yet to come. Much of life is sadness. How do we make sense of it? Does sadness mean we are unloved by God? No. God is with us, even in the weeping. Come again to look at the manger, to see God with us, in every situation. Especially in times of suffering and sadness. Even if you feel like weeping today, Jesus is WITH us.

November 2019

Truth on Trial

AS WE GATHER we put truth on trial. Can Jesus stand up to the pressures and assaults and questions of the world? Jesus submitted himself to a trial with Pilate, and Pilate famously asked, “What is truth?” Jesus showed him and the world that truth is able to withstand anything the world can throw at it. And when we live under the True King, so can we.

October 2019

Jonah – When You Want to Run from God

AS WE GATHER we journey with Jonah. He runs away from God’s direct command, endangering the lives of a boatful of sailors, not to mention a whole city. What are we running away from? Where is God trying to get us to go? God is planning to use us for big things in this world, if only we will follow his lead. We consider this week our calling, especially when we want to RUN AWAY from God.

August 2019

The Message

AS WE GATHER we consider physical touch as a way to express love. The Gospels reveal to us that Jesus often used touch in His ministry. He touched the ill to bring health. He touched the funeral bier to raise life. He touches each of us with faith that we may know His love and embrace others with His compassion.