December 2019

God Weeping With Us

AS WE GATHER we recall the many tears we’ve cried, and the ones yet to come. Much of life is sadness. How do we make sense of it? Does sadness mean we are unloved by God? No. God is with us, even in the weeping. Come again to look at the manger, to see God with us, in every situation. Especially in times of suffering and sadness. Even if you feel like weeping today, Jesus is WITH us.

November 2019

Truth on Trial

AS WE GATHER we put truth on trial. Can Jesus stand up to the pressures and assaults and questions of the world? Jesus submitted himself to a trial with Pilate, and Pilate famously asked, “What is truth?” Jesus showed him and the world that truth is able to withstand anything the world can throw at it. And when we live under the True King, so can we.

October 2019

Jonah – When You Want to Run from God

AS WE GATHER we journey with Jonah. He runs away from God’s direct command, endangering the lives of a boatful of sailors, not to mention a whole city. What are we running away from? Where is God trying to get us to go? God is planning to use us for big things in this world, if only we will follow his lead. We consider this week our calling, especially when we want to RUN AWAY from God.

August 2019

The Message

AS WE GATHER we consider physical touch as a way to express love. The Gospels reveal to us that Jesus often used touch in His ministry. He touched the ill to bring health. He touched the funeral bier to raise life. He touches each of us with faith that we may know His love and embrace others with His compassion.

July 2019

Loving on Purpose: Quality Time

AS WE GATHER we get intentional with our time. We all have busy schedules, and there are a lot of things we must do with the 24 hours we’ve been given. But how do we love on purpose with our time? God promises to meet us and be with us always, and Jesus has provided an example for us on how to love through sharing meaningful moments together.


AS WE GATHER we celebrate the revolutionary freedom Jesus won for us through his death and resurrection. While the USA celebrates victory over a tyrannical king almost 250 years ago, we celebrate the eternal victory of Jesus over the tyranny of sin, death, and evil almost 2,000 years ago. Jesus has given us the power to become children of God and live eternally with him. That is true revolutionary freedom!

June 2019


AS WE GATHER we continue our series, “Family Pray-cation.” Today’s theme, “Communication,” touches on a subject that is close to each of our families. It is said that a lack of communication is a leading factor to the demise of family. When, as a family, we pray to the Lord, we not only communicate our needs to the Lord, but to each other.

May 2019

All In

AS WE GATHER in the Month of May, our theme is “ALL!” Christianity is about commitment, because our God is about commitment. Today we hear two parables about a man who sacrificed all to acquire a treasure. Our God was “All In” when it comes to our salvation. It is by His grace, displayed on a cross and announced from an open and empty tomb that we have new and eternal life.

March 2019

The Message

AS WE GATHER in worship each week we hear words of forgiveness that echo from the cross to our ears and hearts that long for grace. Too often we take forgiveness for granted. It’s always available. It’s easily accessible. It’s given in abundant doses. Today we pause to hear again that it is only by the love of God that we have access to the forgiveness that Jesus won for us on the cross and now gives us new and eternal life.

When Happiness is Gone

AS WE GATHER: There are times when there is no cause for celebration. There is nothing good. There is no hope or joy in life. Where do you turn for joy? Where can you look for hope? When it is too hard even to hold up your head in prayer, what do you do? Paul reminds us that there is never a situation in which we cannot rejoice. We can be content in all things, because the strength of God himself is sustaining us. We put our trust in the God who can do all things, and we rejoice, even when happiness is gone.