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September 2019

Bold Enough to Build: Finishing

AS WE GATHER in worship, our worship series, “BOLD Enough to Build,” brings us to the theme, “Finishing.”  Building is never complete until the finishing touches are put in place.  Even we who know Jesus and walk with Him are never “finished.”  Until that day the Lord calls us to heaven we are to continue steadfast in His Word and in our service to one another.

Bold Enough to Build: Framing

AS WE GATHER, our worship theme is, “BOLD Enough to Build.”  Today we understand how framing a building is important, even though the frame is no longer visible once the structure is complete.  The framing of our life includes the plans and vision the Lord has for us in our personal and family lives.

Bold Enough to Build: Foundations

AS WE GATHER, we begin our worship series, “BOLD Enough to Build.”  Since the day our God began His creation of the heavens and the earth, His people have been building.  They have built walls around cities, a temple in the Holy City and churches around the world.  However, we have been called to a more lasting building project–the building of lives filled with faith, hope and love.  Today we hear how every building begins with a strong foundation.  Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.

The Message

August 2019

Loving on Purpose: Conclusion

AS WE GATHER we conclude our worship series on “The Five Love Languages.”  The question now is, “will we be more than hearers” (James 1:22)?  God’s Word is intended to transition lives.  We are called and encouraged and empowered to live the difference Jesus makes.  “We love because He first loved us” (I John 4:19).

The Message

AS WE GATHER we consider physical touch as a way to express love.  The Gospels reveal to us that Jesus often used touch in His ministry.  He touched the ill to bring health.  He touched the funeral bier to raise life.  He touches each of us with faith that we may know His love and embrace others with His compassion.

Loving on Purpose: Acts of Service

AS WE GATHER we are reminded that the Lord Jesus came into our lives to “serve and not be served” (Mark 10:45).  He laid down His life that we may have new and eternal life.  We are called to follow Jesus into service.  In what ways will we use our lives to enhance the lives of others?

Loving on Purpose: Gifts

AS WE GATHER in worship, we receive the gifts of God through His Word and Sacrament.  Faith and forgiveness are showered on us.  In turn, we share those gifts and others on the people in our sphere of influence. We love when we give good gifts with intentionality.

July 2019

Loving on Purpose: Quality Time

AS WE GATHER  we get intentional with our time. We all have busy schedules, and there are a lot of things we must do with the 24 hours we’ve been given. But how do we love on purpose with our time? God promises to meet us and be with us always, and Jesus has provided an example for us on how to love through sharing meaningful moments together.

Loving On Purpose: Words of Affirmation

AS WE GATHER we hear how words are powerful.  Words can build up or tear down.  When Jesus speaks to us, His intentions are always to enhance our relationship with Him and with one another.  The Lord reminds us to “speak the truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15).