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February 2020

Prepare to Share

Today we are confronted with a question, “Are you prepared to explain why you follow Jesus?” As much as the world can be critical of the Christian faith, it notices a difference in us. They notice our peace in times of trouble and our confidence in the promise of eternal life. We need to be prepared to share why we possess this faith in Christ and how it makes a difference in our lives.

FIL Ministries helps people reach up to God, reach in to each other, and reach out to the world. O

Beauty Marks

We think about what is beautiful and who is truly beautiful. Beauty seems to be what is visually appealing, something that is able to get all of our attention. Peter is encouraging us to view beauty through the eyes of God, who looks at the heart–the imperishable beauty that comes only from our indestructible God. Consider along with us today, “What are the true marks of beauty?”

FIL Ministries helps people reach up to God, reach in to each other, and reach out to the world. One of the

January 2020

Freed to Serve

We love to talk about how we are “free” as people. Generally, what we mean by that is, “I can do whatever I want.” Well, Peter has some words for that. Can we, as Christians, do whatever we want? We have been forgiven and set free, after all. We hear today, “Don’t use your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but live as servants of God.” You are invited to consider how you are freed to serve!

FIL Ministries helps people reach up to God, reach in to each other, and reach out to the

House of Hope

You are a part of something bigger.  Peter describes followers of Jesus as living stones being built up into a spiritual house.  Built on the Cornerstone of Jesus, we have a church of living stones, faithful Christians, who are actively living out our faith.  Together we form a house of hope with plenty of room for more living stones to be added.

FIL Ministries helps people reach up to God, reach in to each other, and reach out to the world. One of the ways we do that is by p

Holy Living

We hear how precious life is because our precious Savior ransomed us for something better in life. How easy it is for us to get caught up in the things of the world, allowing them to define who we are and how we look at others. Jesus frees us from such small thinking and births us into a fuller view of life.

Seeing 20/20 – What’s Your North Star?

We are asked, “How do we navigate this life?”  We need to examine what is our motivation for living and what is our goal in life.  For what do we live? We are enticed by the things of the world. But the things of the world change, fade away and leave us lost and lonely.  It is Christ alone who gives life meaning and purpose. It is only through Jesus that we can find peace and contentment in this world and the promise

December 2019

Rise and Shine

AS WE GATHER In the waters of the Jordan River, John baptized Jesus. Jesus didn’t need what baptism gives, but we do. Baptism is one of the ways God gives us forgiveness of sins. In this Sunday after Christmas we give thanks that our King Jesus was born into the world, and did everything we couldn’t, so that we could have everything we shouldn’t. Thank you Jesus!

Waiting With God

AS WE GATHER we know that so much of Christmas is about waiting—waiting for a break from school and work; waiting to gather with loved ones; waiting to open presents.  2,000 years ago, people waited for the Savior.  Together, we wait with God and we look to the example of Joseph, a man who waited for God’s Son to be born.  Waiting with God requires patience and peace, but His presents and His presence are worth it.

Winning With God

AS WE GATHER What are your favorite teams? Often we love our teams so much we feel as if we are part of the team. Their victories are our victories; their losses, our losses. As we continue our series on God with us, we are reminded that we rejoice and celebrate the victory we have with Jesus.

God Weeping With Us

AS WE GATHER we recall the many tears we’ve cried, and the ones yet to come. Much of life is sadness. How do we make sense of it? Does sadness mean we are unloved by God? No. God is with us, even in the weeping. Come again to look at the manger, to see God with us, in every situation. Especially in times of suffering and sadness. Even if you feel like weeping today, Jesus is WITH us.