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October 2017

Take 5: In The Word With Others

Take 5 for Your Family

Take 5: Connected to God Through Prayer

The Message

What’s in A Name? New Meaning

September 2017

What’s In A Name? A Foundation

The Message

New Identity

Blessed As We Rest

August 2017

So, Now What?

AS WE GATHER in worship we conclude our worship series, The Greatest Sermon Ever.  In this powerful sermon, Jesus provides wisdom for daily living.  Beginning with the Beatitudes, Jesus provides guidance for our marriages, our families, our community and all our relationships.  He reminds us that we are not perfect people, but He is.  Living the perfect life for us, Jesus took the guilt of our sin to the cross and paid our penalty.  We are now the forgiven children of the heavenly Father, bound for heaven, simply by faith in Jesus.  As we continue our earthly journey, we do so living to His glory and the welfare of those around us.