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November 2018

The Message


The Message

AS WE GATHER to consider the core values of our congregation, we hear how Generosity plays an important part in the life of God’s people, because we have a generous God.  Our core value states, We readily and willingly respond to the Lord’s generous love through generous living and giving.

The Message

AS WE GATHER in worship our current worship series is, “Core Values.”  Each week we examine one of the core values on which we build our congregation’s ministry and mission.  Today we emphasize our value of Christ-centeredness.  “We are anchored in Jesus Christ and aspire to serve Him and His church in all that we do.”

October 2018

We Value God’s Word

AS WE GATHER we begin our new worship series, “Core Values.”  Over the next five weeks, we will examine the core values on which we build our congregation’s ministry and mission.  How fitting it is that, on this Reformation Day, we value the Word of God.  “We accept the inerrant, inspired Word of God as the sole source and authority of our faith and life.”

The Message


Today we find that the people of Israel designed “homemade” worship.  They fashioned images in an attempt to worship the Lord.  They worship in cities that were not designed to be places of worship.  It seems they look to convenience in their worship rather than commitment.  How easy it is for us to design our spiritual lives around our schedules and our personal desires.  The road that leads to life through Christ is not easy.  Let God’s design, be our design… and let’s grow together.


AS WE GATHER we continue through the Book of Judges and come to a familiar figure—Sampson.  He is known for his strength, for his arrogance, for his stupidity, for his defeat and for his final victory.  Sampson is a flawed victor.  He breaks his vow before the Lord, believing his strength comes from his physical and intellectual prowess.  The truth is the Lord is our strength.  It is only when Sampson, in his true moment of weakness, finds in the Lord His true strength.

A Haughty Gideon

AS WE GATHER in worship, we continue our series, “The Book of Judges.” Last week we heard of a humble Gideon, who battles the Midianites with only trumpets, clay jars, and torch lights, trusting the Lord to bring victory. Now that victory has been secured, Gideon becomes a bit haughty, acting like a king and not a servant.

September 2018

A Humble Gideon

AS WE GATHER in worship, we continue our series, “The Book of Judges.”  This week we encounter a more familiar Biblical episode.  Gideon is called to lead the Lord’s people against the oppressive Midianites.  However, the Lord commands Gideon to fight the mighty Midianites with on a handful of men.  What is the Lord’s plan for Gideon…and for us?

Ruler and Rescuer

AS WE GATHER When you want the job done, you often do it yourself.  In our focus on the Judge Deborah and the army leader Barak we see faith not in self… but in God.  Deborah trusted in the almighty God to go before them and win the victory.  We turn our eyes off of ourselves and look to the Lord Jesus in the good and the bad.  He goes before us, He has won victory over sin… God brings us victory.