November 2019

Why TRUTH Matters

AS WE GATHER we begin our series “TRUTH: The Ultimate Reality Check!” Today we come to understand “why” truth matters in our daily lives. Truth is foundational for us because it affects our daily lives–our attitudes and actions. When we live in the truth, we live in the light. We are called into faith that we may live out the truth in each of our relationships.

October 2019

Jonah – When You’re Angry With God

AS WE GATHER we journey with Jonah. Jonah is angry with God, because he know God is gracious and merciful. God isn’t doing what he said he would do. Rather than destroy the Ninevites, God chose to be merciful and Jonah becomes upset. God allows Jonah’s anger and God teaches Jonah how big his love truly is.  In Jesus, God has offered free forgiveness to all people. But God’s plan isn’t always satisfying to us. Have you ever felt God has let you down? When have you been upset with God? What should we do when we are ANGRY with God?

Jonah – When You Listen to God

AS WE GATHER We journey with Jonah. He finally responds to God–with miraculous results. God sent him to preach doom and gloom, and people changed their ways. Even with a condemning sermon, God uses Jonah to accomplish great change. What can God do with our efforts, when we line up with his plan?  How much could God accomplish if our careers lined up with his calling? What might happen when we RESPOND to God?

Jonah – When You Call on God

AS WE GATHER we journey with Jonah, who was willing to die in disobedience. But God rescued him with a big fish, and we hear Jonah call out to God. What will it take for us to call out? How desperate are we for God to show up? He is waiting to hear from us, to rescue us, to prepare our hearts and minds for where he is leading. Are you ready to CALL OUT to God?

Jonah – When You Want to Run from God

AS WE GATHER we journey with Jonah. He runs away from God’s direct command, endangering the lives of a boatful of sailors, not to mention a whole city. What are we running away from? Where is God trying to get us to go? God is planning to use us for big things in this world, if only we will follow his lead. We consider this week our calling, especially when we want to RUN AWAY from God.

September 2019

Bold Enough to Build: Full House

AS WE GATHER we reflect on the lives God is building around us. All the work that goes into a good life in Christ is empty without joy. Jesus has filled our hearts and houses with joy, and that joy spills out and flows over into every corner of our life. As we frame and finish our lives on the Foundation of Jesus’ love, we fill our house with joy, knowing that God is filling his forever home- heaven- with us. 

Bold Enough to Build: Finishing

AS WE GATHER in worship, our worship series, “BOLD Enough to Build,” brings us to the theme, “Finishing.”  Building is never complete until the finishing touches are put in place.  Even we who know Jesus and walk with Him are never “finished.”  Until that day the Lord calls us to heaven we are to continue steadfast in His Word and in our service to one another.

Bold Enough to Build: Framing

AS WE GATHER, our worship theme is, “BOLD Enough to Build.”  Today we understand how framing a building is important, even though the frame is no longer visible once the structure is complete.  The framing of our life includes the plans and vision the Lord has for us in our personal and family lives.

Bold Enough to Build: Foundations

AS WE GATHER, we begin our worship series, “BOLD Enough to Build.”  Since the day our God began His creation of the heavens and the earth, His people have been building.  They have built walls around cities, a temple in the Holy City and churches around the world.  However, we have been called to a more lasting building project–the building of lives filled with faith, hope and love.  Today we hear how every building begins with a strong foundation.  Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.

The Message