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In the third year of our “Bold Enough” campaign, we are talking about being “Bold Enough to Share.” In our three-week sermon series, we are going to be intentional about being:

  • Bold Enough to Share Our Heart – We share our heart with the God who first shared His with us through creation, salvation and sanctification
  • Bold Enough to Share Our Home – Our personal homes and our church home is an important place for us to share in life together.  Family devotions and small groups are places God uses to foster faith.
  • Bold Enough to Share Our Hope – God has given us hope, and we don’t keep that to ourselves. We will be bold enough to share the confidence we have in the cross to others.

After the craziness of Covid, we are all having to pivot to a new normal. We are trying to figure out what life, relationships, work, money, etc. look like. Romans 8 is a pivot chapter in the book of Romans. Everything hinges on this. Our new life in Christ is marked with life and peace instead of chaos and death. We are marked with freedom instead of slavery. We pivot from worry into prayer. We pivot from condemnation to victory. What an essential chapter for us to be immersing ourselves in this summer!

July 11/12: Pivot into Peace
July 18/19: Pivot into Freedom
July 25/26: Pivot into Hope
August 1/2: Pivot into Victory
This sermons series focuses on the last words of four Biblical figures.  Each will give us an important key to healthy living.
MOSES- The Word of God
JOSHUA- The Word of Faithfulness
JOSEPH- The Word of Commitment
STEPHEN- The Word of Forgiveness
JESUS- The Word of Confidence
As we follow Jesus, we have opportunities to walk away or walk by
 faith. We can confess with the Psalmist, “I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell
what's behind the door
 in the tents of wickedness” (Ps. 84:10), or we can turn aside to open doors of darkness and evil. We know what’s behind the door of darkness–death. And we know what’s behind the door of faith–true life.
Week 1: The Door of Doubt
Week 2: The Door of Jealousy
Week 3: The Door of Deceit
Week 4: The Door of Unfairness
Week 5: The Door of Desire
Week 6: The Door of Death
what are you waiting for sermon series
Jesus began his ministry by proclaiming, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the Gospel!” (Mark 1:15) Almost 2,000 years later, his call to us remains the same. Pride, fear, insecurity, anxiety, being busy or distracted can keep us from following. But the time is now; God’s Kingdom is drawing close. Jesus invites us to leave behind our baggage and immediately follow him.  What are you waiting for?
SEEING 2020: Navigating a Lost World
Working our way through 1 Peter, we kicked off 2020 by considering how to navigate this world according to God’s will. 
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WITH: Living a Connected Life in Christ
With- God’s middle name. CLICK HERE to listen to what it means to be WITH: God with us and Us with others.
TRUTH: The Ultimate Reality Check
Seeking Our Identity, Security, and Meaning in the Right Place. CLICK HERE for your reality check.
CALLING? A Journey through Jonah
Are you questioning your purpose? CLICK HERE to walk with Jonah, a man who questioned his calling.