Prayer Request

Miriam Speight, June 1, 2020 - 3:27 pm

Pray to God to place in my life a man who believes in God and Prays, and who isn't a practicer of the ' Law of Attraction ' and other practices outside of God's belief system, a man who is respectful, peaceful, loves God, a strong provider, and enjoys nature and its beauty. Pray for God to rescue my friend Anthony, whom I've been praying for to be rescued from practicing ' The Law of Attraction ' and beliefs outside of God's system, he's being attacked by this ungodly practice, confusion and demons. He's hallucinating and hearing voices, that's falsely accusing me of attacking him. Since I've been praying for him, me and the members in my household are now being attacked by the unknown, with nightmares, insomnia and my brother talking to himself. Pray to God To Conquer This Evil.