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Why Gratitude?

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Go, open another browser, and just search "gratitude" in your favorite search engine. Endless articles telling you how gratitude can benefit you and your mental well-being. There has been much research done, and many people from all walks of life telling us how gratitude can help.

This is reason enough to practice gratitude, which could be simply defined as expressing thanks for what we have or the things and people in our life. But is it nothing more than a cognitive exercise to help us sleep better?

We believe it is much more than that. It is a prayer, a prayer that connects to the God who wired our brains, who knit us together, who sustains all things.

We practice gratitude as Christians because Jesus has paved a way to eternal gratitude. You can find dozens of ways on how to practice gratitude, and we'll have a couple resources for you at the bottom of this post. But there is really only one good why: Because Jesus has given thanks for us, because Jesus has claimed us, because Jesus has prepared a place for us now and forever. Thank you Jesus!

That's quite the reason to express gratitude over everything we experience, good and bad and indifferent.

Go ahead and download a 7-day prayer journal to help cultivate gratitude this week:

prayer journal, GRATITUDE, 22
Download PDF • 157KB

What are you grateful for today? Share below!

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