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What? More Snow!

It was just one month ago that we shoveled out of 8 inches of snow. I thought that was the last for the season. Nope.

Here we go again! As I write this the weather man is telling me that I should be expecting 4 to 9 inches of snow tomorrow morning. Personally, I don’t mind the snow. I love my snow blowers. But, for me, this snow was unexpected. Based on living in Wisconsin, I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised, but we have been looking forward to spring-like weather.

Perhaps today’s life lesson is that we should expect the unexpected when it comes to the manner in which our good and gracious God works. In my 40-plus years of pastoral ministry I cannot count the times I have literally witnessed miracles. There was the teenager with the tumor that simply disappeared overnight. There was the husband whose affair took him out of his marriage and home, only to find him repentantly return a year later. There is the man who quit drinking and returned to his faith in the Lord. I could go on, but suffice it to say, God continually works miracles.

It is interesting that we are so surprised by miracles, when ours is a God of miracles. Creation is a miracle. Salvation is a miracle. Baptism is a miracle. Communion is a miracle. The birth of a child is a miracle. That breath you just took is a miracle!

Remember, we worship a God who walks on water and can change it into wine. Expect those miracles and celebrate them as gifts from the God who miraculously created you and saved you.

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