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21 Days to Pray: Intercession

New year, new you? Well, the same you. But maybe new goals, hopes, dreams.

We have some hopes and dreams, too. We would love for a Spirit of prayer to fill you, to fill our whole congregation.

Will you take 21 days to pray with us? Our new series will be addressing just that, and inviting you along on 3 weeks of focusing on and growing in prayer.

Prayer is like talking: we all pray, but we don’t all know how to pray, or how to grow in prayer. Prayer is love, conversation, relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Join us for 21 Days to Pray!

We have created a prayer journal for you. Click below to download a prayer journal that you can use this week as you focus on intercession.

prayer journal, intercession, 22
Download PDF • 160KB

More of an app person? Follow along with this 21 Days of Prayer Reading Plan on the Bible App!

Whatever you do, take the next 21 days to intentionally pray and listen for the voice of God in your life.

Anything specific on your heart that you'd like to be learning when it comes to prayer? Drop us a message in the comments!

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