If I go up to the heaven’s you are there.  If I make my bed in the depths, you are there. Psalm 139:7

Psalm 139 begins with God’s omniscience, the fact that He knows all things.  It continues with His omnipresence, the fact that He is present everywhere.  There’s the story of the little boy who was afraid of the dark, and especially afraid of his dark and scary basement.  His mother told him to go down into the dark basement and get her the broom.  The boy looked visibly shaken by the prospect of going down there alone.  So his mom assured him, “you don’t have to be afraid.  God is everywhere.  He is even down in that basement.”  The boy looked at his mother with hopefulness.  “You mean, God is down there in that basement?”  “Yes” his mother said.  The little boy opened the door of the basement, peered into the darkness and said, “God if you’re down there…please hand me the broom!”

It’s a hard thing for us to get our minds around, this idea of God’s presence everywhere.  And probably, if you grew up in a Christian home, you were reminded again and again that God is with us wherever we go and wherever we are.  That’s a comforting thought, but again, it’s difficult to grasp.  He may be in the room with me, but I can’t see Him.  He may be in the car with me, but I can’t perceive Him.  He’s inside the house, outside of the house, above the house, below the house.  How can we make sense of that?

Because of the limits of our minds to make sense of it all, God went a step further.  Instead of being this mysterious, ethereal presence that is hard to define, He locates Himself where we know we can find Him.  God is indeed present everywhere, but He has promised to be in His Word.  So now, when we’re looking for Him, we know where to go.  God is indeed present everywhere, but He has promised to be in the Lord’s Supper.  So now, when we’re looking for Him, we know where to go.  And we’ll find Him there every time.  But most importantly, in His most incarnational presence, He came into this world in the person of Jesus Christ.

God has never been content with the mysterious idea that He’s everywhere.  He has narrowed it down for us so that we always know where to look for Him, and be certain that He can be found.  He is in His Word.  He is in His sacraments.  And He lived among us in this world, identifiably and visibly in Jesus.  God has never been lost Himself.  But He certainly can be found.

Prayer: O Lord God, you are present everywhere.  How grateful we are that you have chosen to locate yourself where we can find you, and be certain of your ever-present love.  Amen.

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