Love + Peace + Thankfulness

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“And above all these, put on love…Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts… and be thankful.” Colossians 3:14-15
We’ve been picturing moving in a freshman student to one of Concordia University’s dorms. Mom and Dad have everything in the room, the bed is made, the clothes are hung up, and there’s even one poster on the wall. It’s time to go now. Dad has already moved into the hallway while Mom is checking the closets and the drawers one more time. It’s time to go! But it’s also time to say those last words that need to be said.

Those words come fast, one piled on top of the next. Remember this…Don’t forget to…You know you can always…It’s all good advice and it’s all a way of saying, “We love you. We’re going to miss you but we know you’re going to do great.”

Paul speaks the same way in the ending verses of Colossians 3. He gives us three wonderful pieces of direction and advice. He speaks of love, peace and thankfulness. None of that is new, but none of it is trivial. We would never roll our eyes and say, “I know that.”  No, love, peace and thankfulness are timeless and they are the qualities our hearts and souls feed on every day.

Who tires of being reminded to live in love, the love that God has already given us?  Who doesn’t seek and welcome peace, peace with others and especially peace in our hearts? And, who doesn’t need the reminder to live in thanks for all that God has already done? Plus, we might live in thanks for the gifts that are still coming.

Maybe we could see these three as the start of a conversation every day with our heavenly Father. Each day, he meets us and he could say, “Love, peace, thankfulness.  What shall we work on today?”  Every day is different and so what is it for you today? Perhaps today remember how deeply he loves you.  Perhaps today you remember that having been justified by faith we have peace with God, Romans 5:1.  And it’s always a good day to count the blessings he’s given.

Back at the dorm room, Dad is in the hall, holding the car keys. Mom, it’s time to go. One more hug, one more “love you” and we’ve got to go. You’ve said it all and she’ll remember. So also with us. Love, peace, and thankfulness. God said it all and we’ll remember.

Prayer: Our Heavenly Father, thank you for three great gifts:  love, peace and thanksgiving. Help us to see more of each of these in our lives each day, Amen.

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