Holy Week – Wednesday

gray praying hand statue
Matthew 26:39  “Yet not as I will, but as you will…”

We know what happened on each day of Holy Week, except Wednesday.  On Palm Sunday Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.  On Monday, He drove out the moneychangers.  On Tuesday He taught around the temple courts.  On Thursday he was in the upper room with the disciples, among other things, giving them the Lord’s Supper.  On Friday, He was crucified.  On Saturday He was in the tomb, and then on Easter Sunday He rose.  What of Wednesday?  It’s the day of Holy Week we don’t have any events recorded and we really don’t know where He was.  But we can take a pretty good guess as to what Jesus was doing.  He was probably doing what he so often did.  He most certainly must have been in prayer.

We see a magnificent example of Jesus’ prayer on Thursday night when He was in Gethsemane.  Would the Wednesday prayer have been similar?  Perhaps.  In Gethsemane we note some characteristics of prayer.  Two particularly stick out.  Jesus was honest with the Father.  “If it is possible,” Jesus said, “take this cup from me.”  What a prayer!  Jesus knew full well that His destiny was the cross.  He knew full well what was the Father’s will.  And yet, He prayed honestly, exactly what was on His mind and in His heart. We should never be afraid of saying to God what we think, what we feel.  God is big enough to take it.  And when we have been honest in our prayer, perhaps it is then that we are most open, most attentive to hearing what God’s answers are, because we know and understand so clearly what we have asked of Him. 

The second beautiful characteristic of Jesus’ prayer in Gethsemane is how He concluded it.  He said, “Not my will, but Thy will be done.”  Yes, that’s how we should pray as well.  We pray honestly as Jesus did, and we pray full of faith that what God will do, and how God will answer, will be exactly right.  “Thy will be done” is a statement of faith that God knows far better what is best for our faith and life than we do.

No, we don’t know exactly what Jesus was doing on this day of Holy Week.  But I think we’re on pretty safe ground to assume that He was praying.  He was likely praying for Himself, for His disciples, for you, and for me.  That sounds like Jesus, doesn’t it?

Prayer: O Lord Jesus, may our prayers be like your prayers.  May we be honest, and may we be full of faith that the Father’s will is exactly what is best.  Amen.

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