God’s Love Is a Gift

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1 Peter 1:22-23. Having purified your souls by your obedience to the truth for a sincere brotherly love, love one another earnestly from a pure heart, since you have been born again, not of perishable seed but of imperishable, through the living and abiding Word of God.
In our society, no matter when we grew up, we have learned that if we want something, we have to work to get it. Perhaps a memory you had growing up was expressing to a parent that there was something you wanted. But instead of your parent just going out and getting it for you, they suggested that you work for it. Maybe they told you to save the money you get from doing chores, or to go mow some lawns in the neighborhood, or even get a job. After all, that’s how we get the things we want. We work for them. I teach at a college. Suppose a student came up to me and said, “I want an A in your class.” “Done,” I might reply. “You’ve got it!” No, probably not. Instead, I’d tell them to work hard, do all the assignments, study, read, and all the rest. You’ll get what you want if you work for it.
But there’s another influence in our lives as well. When it comes to the most important thing we could have, we know that it comes freely, as a gift. That you and I are destined for eternal life is not a result of how hard we work or how much good we’ve done. It comes as a result of God’s love for us, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the gift of faith that God gives. So that while we operate in one way when it comes to getting things in this world, you and I understand another way when it comes to the gifts of God.
So, why is it that we love others, serve others, do good for others? According to societal rules, it’s so that we’ll get something out of it. If I do good for someone else, then perhaps he or she will do something good back to me. But those aren’t our rules, and they weren’t Peter’s in our reading. The reason we love, serve, do good for others is not because we are earning good from them or from God. It is a natural response to God for all that He has given to us. We love, serve, do good, because we have been born again through the living and abiding Word of God. God has given, we respond with love toward Him and others.

Prayer: Gracious Lord, may we be motivated daily in our love and service toward others not by what we might gain, but by the love you have already shown. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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