Bold Enough to Share Our Hope (Part 3)

black cross statue

Mark 10:52  And immediately (Bartimaeus) recovered his sight and followed Him on the way.

Blind Bartimaeus was bold to ask for help as he sat by the road.  As Jesus passed, He gave Bartimaeus his sight back.  We can be impressed with this blind beggar that he was bold enough to jump up when Jesus was near, stopping Him in His tracks, making it very clear that he wanted something.  But the real boldness was yet to come.

Jesus, while popular with the people at this time in His life, shortly before His crucifixion, was very disliked by the religious leaders of His day.  Those leaders wielded much power and could be very threatening to those who were followers of Jesus.  We see that displayed on numerous occasions, particularly when another blind man was healed by Jesus, only to be vocally pummeled and abused by religious leaders who didn’t want to believe.  Bartimaeus was entering this fray when he got up to follow His new Lord.

But Bartimaeus followed anyway.  One wonders if he felt fear, especially as the coming days would see the culmination of a vast plot to have Jesus crucified.  One wonders if he had second thoughts.  We know nothing of Bartimaeus after this account in Mark, but we can assume that he was quite aware of the risks involved in being a follower of Jesus.  And yet off he went, boldly, anyway.

Why would Bartimaeus be so bold to follow in the midst of certain opposition?  He saw.  He knew.  He had been given a gift.  Might this be our motivation as well?  This world is full of opposition to Jesus.  And yet, we follow.  We boldly follow because we know, we see, and we have been given a gift.  Our blindness has been healed so that now we see Jesus clearly and believe He is our Savior.  We rejoice that He has come to us, found us, and made us His own.  Even though there is opposition in society and often in our inner circles, we have received too much from our Lord to be timid and quiet.  We boldly share the hope that is in us because of the gift of life that we have received.  The modern Bartimaeus…that’s who we are.

Gracious Lord, you have healed us from the blindness of sin.  May we continue to be bold in our following of you, because of the gift you have given to us.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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