Abundant Forgiveness

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And Elijah said to her, “Do not fear; go and do as you have said. But first make me a little cake of it and bring it to me, and afterward make something for yourself and your son. For thus says the Lord, the God of Israel, ‘The jar of flour shall not be spent, and the jug of oil shall not be empty, until the day that the Lord sends rain upon the earth.’” And she went and did as Elijah said. And she and he and her household ate for many days. The jar of flour was not spent, neither did the jug of oil become empty, according to the word of the Lord that he spoke by Elijah.
1 Kings 17:13-16  ESV

How could so little become so much? The poor widow in today’s reading had barely enough flour and oil to make a single cake for herself and her son. Even worse, because of the severe drought in the land, she had resolved herself to the reality that it would be their last meal and they would then die. How bold of Elijah to impose on her and say that she should first feed him and then there would still be enough for her. But yet by faith that Elijah was speaking God’s word and command to her, she obeyed.
While we may not see this exact miracle elsewhere in scripture, there are certainly many examples of God calling people to have faith and trust in Him to provide. Perhaps the most similar story comes in the New Testament with the feeding of the 5,000. With just a few fish and loaves, Jesus feeds the multitude and shows them the power of God to provide for their most basic needs.
For most of us, our basic needs of food are well covered. We seldom miss a meal and often have much more than enough. But there is an even more important basic need that only God can provide, and that is the need for forgiveness. Because of our fallen nature we sin daily, and often. We are in desperate need of mercy, grace, and forgiveness.
But thanks be to God who still today speaks to us as Elijah spoke to the widow with the words, “Do not fear.” Though Satan would whisper in our ears that we are not good enough for God to love and that surely God could never forgive us, the truth is that we have nothing to fear. Because God sent His Son Jesus to suffer, die, and rise again, we have absolute confidence that the forgiveness He offers is indeed for us. And the best news is that it will never run out! As the flour and oil was supplied to sustain the widow and those in her household, so God supplies the forgiveness to sustain us until the day when He will call us to heavenly home.
Gracious Father, thank You for the abundant forgiveness that You pour out on me for the sake of Jesus my Lord. Calm my heart with the peace that only You can bring. I have nothing to fear knowing that You are in control. Bless me as I await His return and pray in His name, amen.

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