A Passage and A Prayer 2/18/19

Thank God things don’t go our way!

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. Proverbs 16:9

We have hopes. We have dreams. We have things we want to accomplish in this world. But then we wake up to reality when our hopes and dreams are dashed upon the rocky shores of reality. Life brings change and chaos so quickly into our path. This makes it very difficult for us to plan our lives.
As we seek to make plans, we struggle. “Is this something I can really accomplish?” “Should I aim that high?” If we don’t underestimate our ability, we also run the risk of aiming in the wrong direction. Choosing a career path that is outside of our gifting. Moving to a new city that we think is going to bring us new opportunities. Whether we struggle with uncertainty or misplaced confidence, we can all say, “Thank God things don’t go our way!”

No matter what we plan, God is the one in charge. God is the one directing our steps and guiding us along life. Jesus has bigger plans than we could ever have for ourselves. Jesus puts more purpose and meaning in our path than we could ever discover on our own. In Jesus, we can be certain that we are following God’s path- especially when things don’t go our way!
God will get us where we need to be; therefore we follow the path that God has put before us. How can we know what that path is? We pray; we seek God’s will; we read God’s Word. We try to make sense of where and how God is moving in our lives. Ask yourself, “Where do I sense God’s presence? Where am I serving others? Where am I filled with joy and purpose?” Pursue the places where you feel God’s purposes coming to pass. And the Lord will establish your steps!

Jesus, we want our lives to be directed by you. Show us where you would have us go. Lead us especially when things aren’t going our way. You have secured for us an eternal home and joy forever; please bless us with purpose and peace in the present as well. In your name, AMEN.

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