A Passage and A Prayer 12/3/18

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14

Remember 1957? Many in our congregation were not even born yet, but others remember it well. Most of that year, like so much of history, has become a faded memory (except of course for the ’57 Chevy). There is a song though that has endured and was made famous by none other than Elvis Presley. The song, of course, is “Blue Christmas.” 

While the song had been previously recorded, it was Elvis who really made it famous. Since then, more than a dozen artists, including The Beach Boys, Glen Campbell, and Kelly Clarkson have gone on to record their own versions. 

Why has this song been so popular over the years? The lyrics seem to resonate with people who recognize that it just isn’t Christmas when a loved one is far away. People feel sad, or blue, when that special someone is not with them during this special time of the year.

But yet so many people don’t seem to give it a second thought when the One who loves them the most is not truly part of their Christmas. As the focus of Christmas turns toward decorating, parties, and presents, it seems that the real reason for the celebration, Jesus Christ, is pushed to the side. That is what should really make us blue.

The apostle John, in the opening words of his Gospel, tells us beautifully how the Living Word, Jesus Christ, became one of us so that we could experience His fullness. That is no less true today than it was when Christ first appeared among us. With Christ being present, there is no blue Christmas, but instead a Christmas of joy because our most beloved is with us and brings salvation to all who have faith in Him.

Precious Jesus, You left behind the glory of heaven to dwell among us. During this season of Advent, we pray that Your presence would be fill our hearts with joy and love. Thank You for the gift of salvation. Help us to share Your love with others that they too may come to know and love You. Amen.

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