This Week in Worship

January 15, 2018

Looking back on weekend worship (January 12 & 13)
Our congregation has a history of 168 years of ministry, with thousands of people included in our community of faith. This is amazing! And God has more in store for us. We heard this weekend that “God has put you at this time, at this place, with these people, for HIS purpose.” God has big dreams for this congregation: that we would be a place of IMMANUEL- God with us!
Jesus is present where His people gather. Jesus wants to be with us, and He has given us experiences of His real presence while on this earth. We will all be gathered together with God and one another for eternity in Christ, but Jesus wants us to experience His presence now. He has given us Baptism- a true washing of our bodies, renewal of life, and the claim of God upon us. He has given us Communion- the true body and blood of Jesus along with the bread and wine. And Jesus has given us a community of believers. In the community of Christ, we experience the presence of Christ. So… “Let’s not forsake our gatherings, but rather let’s plead for our gatherings- and how much more so, since we see the Final Day drawing near” (Hebrews 10:25). We will be together forever, so let’s start living today in light of eternity.
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Looking forward to weekend worship (January 19 & 20) This coming week, we will be “BOLD Enough to Dream about Them.” God has a mission for the church, and God is sending us to them. What do we mean by them? Who is them? Already our congregation is reaching out to many thems, including a dozen people who are in Ghana this week! We will consider what it is our congregation is already doing to reach them, and dream about the places and the people God has for us to reach out.
In Luke 8, Jesus crossed a turbulent sea, just to reach one person. He took all of his disciples with Him, and they believed their lives were in danger. Jesus risked His us group, in order to reach them. Are we bold enough to dream about who those people might be that we as a congregation are being sent to reach?
To prepare for worship, read Psalm 106, Acts 2:14-21, Luke 8:22-39