This Week in Worship

October 16, 2018

Looking back on weekend worship (October 13 & 14)
This past week we studied the life of Samson.  His is an interesting journey.  His parents were childless, but the Lord promised they would have a son, who would be a Nazarite, which means he would not drink alcohol; he would not come in contact with dead animals or people; and he would not cut his hair.  Samson turns out to be the consummate rebellious child.  He takes a wife from the enemy Philistines; he touched the carcass of a lion; he parties hard; he visits prostitutes.
Even though Samson breaks his vow as a Nazarite, all is well…for a while.  He overpowers anyone who tries to defeat him…until he meets Delilah.  He allows his hair to be cut.  He loses his strength.  He is captured, blinded and treated like an animal.
But we are familiar with the ending.  His hair grows back and as he is tied to two pillars of the hall, he pulls the pillars down and with them the entire building.  The enemy is defeated, but Samson also loses his life.  He sacrifices himself for the sake of God’s people.  So did Jesus.  But Jesus, the ultimate judge, not only sacrificed Himself for us, He also lived a life of obedience and honor on our behalf.

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Looking forward to weekend worship (October 20 & 21)
This coming week we conclude our worship series on “The Book of Judges.”  We surveyed how the Lord called leaders to rescue his people.  Each leader was flawed, but the Lord used them nonetheless.  Each judge was a reminder that the true and perfect Judge was coming into the world to save humanity from sin, death and hell.
In this final weekend of this series we will find that the people of Israel, after being lead by the judges, design “homemade” worship.  They fashioned images in an attempt to worship the Lord.  They worship on cities that were not designed to be places of worship.  It seems they look to convenience in their worship rather than commitment.  How easy it is for us to design our spiritual lives around our schedules and our personal desires.  The road that leads to life through Christ is not easy.  Let God’s design be our design…and let us grow together.
To prepare for worship, read Psalm 96:1-9; Judges 18-20; Acts 17:22-25, 29-34 and Mark 11:15-18.