This Week in Worship

For the week of October 16, 2017


Looking back on last weekend’s  worship

(October 14 & 15)

This past weekend was the second week of our worship series, “TAKE 5.”  We are simply asking the members and friends of First Immanuel/River of Life to commit to the next five weeks of worship.  In these weeks, we will see how the Lord gives us a deeper meaning in life and a greater purpose.

This past week of “TAKE 5,” we came to understand the importance of prayer.  Often we believe that prayer is simply telling what to do and when to do it.  It is this attitude that robs us of the real power of prayer.  The Lord designed prayer to be our opportunity to comes to Him that our faith would be strengthened as we seek His will and trust that His plans are better than ours.

We were encouraged to pray each day for the next five weeks, following the form of prayer called ACTS.  Each of our prayers should include these four elements:

ADORATION:  Praising God for who He is—the One who created us, redeemed us and brought us to faith, and by this faith, to heaven.

CONFESSION:  Understanding that we are imperfect people, we seek His forgiveness and come to know that all God does for us is out of His mercy and grace.

THANKSGIVING:  We offer to the Lord our appreciation for all He does for us to support our daily lives and, through the cross and empty tomb, gives us eternal life by faith.

SUPPLICATION:  The Lord calls us to ask for all things we need in our material and spiritual lives.  We ask for things according to His will.

“ACTS Prayer Journals” are available at church!

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Looking forward to this weekend’s worship

(October 21 & 22)

This weekend is our third week of our worship series, “TAKE 5.”  This week we focus on the family and family devotions. 


Take advantage of these opportunities to continue in the Word


Join us at First Immanuel for “Bible Blast!” Sunday School for the children, as well as a session for adults will be held for 20 minutes, from 10:10 – 10:30.  Adults will participate in “Sermon Rewind,” where we discuss the day’s sermon as to how it applies to our lives.


Don’t forget to 

“O, come, let us worship the Lord!”