This Week in Worship

April 17, 2018

Looking back on weekend worship (April 14 &15)

Continuing our “BOLD Enough” worship series, this past weekend we considered how Noah was “BOLD Enough to Build.”  Noah was selected by the Lord to build the Ark because Noah was bold enough to daily live his faith.  Noah and his family lived in a time that Scripture describes as corrupt and violent.  In other words, the people of Noah’s generation had completely removed themselves from the Lord.  Their lives were self-centered as the people cared only for themselves.  Because of this, the Lord decided to start over.  As the Lord called faithful Noah to the task of building a vessel that would save humanity from extinction, the Bible tells us that Noah “did all that God commanded him” (Genesis 6:22).

We are called to accomplish the same two things the Lord sought from Noah:

  • We are called to live righteous lives. Righteous people are those who not only hold a faith in the Lord, but live that faith openly.  Righteous people are not perfect, but they are forgiven and live their forgiven lives to the glory of God and the benefit of those around them.  We are called to be witnesses to this generation that is continually moving farther from the Lord who created and redeemed us.
  • We are called to be builders. We are called to build our faith through worship and study of God’s Word.  We are called to build our families by founding them on faith and binding ourselves together with the love of Christ.  We are also called to build the Church so that it can be an Ark of safety in the midst of a world of sin and disobedience.

May we build the Church that others would enter into its safety.

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Looking forward to weekend worship (April 21 & 22)

When Abraham was 75 years old the Lord called him to leave his country and family roots to go to a new land.  Abraham followed the Lord’s call without knowing where that land was.  Some people call this “blind faith.”  A better term would be “clear faith.”  Abraham could see the Lord’s hand at work.  He could see the Lord’s promises.  He could see that following the Lord brings blessings. 

To prepare for worship read Psalm 105; Genesis 12:1-9 and Matthew 7:13-14.

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Saturday, May 5

Worship at 5:00 followed by coffee and cake

Sunday, May 6

Traditional Worship at 8:30 am – Contemporary Worship at 11:00 am

Breakfast Buffet and Celebration in the gymnasium 9:30-10:30 am