This Week in Worship

For the week of August 14, 2017


Looking back on last weekend’s  worship

(August 12 &13)

We continue our summer long worship series: The Greatest Sermon Ever.In Matthew chapters 5-7, Jesus shares one long beautiful sermon on what it means to live as His disciples.  Jesus continues to provide us the realities for healthy living. 
This past week, as we entered into the seventh chapter of St. Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus warns us against judging.  It’s not that we should ignore those who are living outside the Lord’s design for life.  What Jesus emphasizes is that we are to approach others in a most proper way.  We are called to speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15).  As we do this we are called to repent of our sin before approaching others (taking the log out of our own eye).  We are told to then approach others out of love and the desire to share with them the same gifts we have from Jesus—forgiveness, life and salvation.

Looking back on last Thursday’s worship

(August 10)

Last Thursday, we continued with our theme, “Psalms of Psummer,” as we looked at Psalm 139.  We heard from the psalmist how the Lord intentionally created each of us and knit us together in our mother’s womb.  Life is no comic accident, but it is created by our holy God.  We speak of the sanctity of life as we have been created in “the image of God.”  This God who created us also walks with us in such a way that we are never out of His sight or absent from His presence.  He is above us, below us, before us, behind us and beside us that we would be protected from the devil who seeks to destroy our faith.  The Lord loves and protects His children.

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Looking forward to this Thursday’s worship

(August 17)

This is our last worship service of the year at Concordia University.  During these summer Thursday evenings we have followed the theme, “Psalms of Psummer.” We conclude this worship series with Psalm 150.  This psalm, which concludes the Book of Psalms, is one of praise.  We are called to praise the Lord.  Come and learn as the psalmist tells us where we praise the Lord, why we praise the Lord and how we praise the Lord.

To prepare for Thursday worship read Psalm 150


Looking forward to this weekend’s worship

(August 19 & 20)

We continue our walk through Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount.”  We will hear Jesus encourage us to a deeper life of prayer.  With the words, ask, seek and knock Jesus reminds us that the heavenly Father desires that we approach Him with the joys and the challenges of our lives, trusting that He gives us everything needful for life today and for life eternal.

To prepare for weekend worship read Romans 8:26-28 and Matthew 7:7-12.


“O, come, let us worship the Lord!”