June 2019


AS WE GATHER  we continue our series, “Family Pray-cation.”  Today’s theme, “Communication,” touches on a subject that is close to each of our families.  It is said that a lack of communication is a leading factor to the demise of family.  When, as a family, we pray to the Lord, we not only communicate our needs to the Lord, but to each other.


AS WE GATHER in worship, we begin our new worship series, entitled “Family Pray-cation.” In these coming weeks, we will assist you in taking your family where you always wanted to go, but never found the time.  We begin this series with the topic of “commitment.”  Our commitments to each other, within our family, begins and ends with the Lord’s commitment to us and our commitment to Him. Prayer is a gift that keeps us united as a family connected to Christ.

May 2019

The Message

AS WE GATHER We live as free citizens of the United States, because of those who gave their lives to defend our nation and those who continue to serve our country in our Armed Forces.  On this Memorial Day weekend we also celebrate the freedom we have received from sin through Jesus Christ.  The very Son of God who came to liberate us from the bondage of sin.  Through His life, death, and resurrection we have been set free.

All Together

AS WE GATHER together in worship, we thank the Lord who became for us a Servant, ministering to our spiritual hurts and pains, by giving us forgiveness, life and salvation.  Our Jesus calls us to follow Him that we can join together in our work for Him and His kingdom.  As we join together to make our commitments to support the work of our faith community, we pray for the Lord to move us to do those things He is blessing.

All Gone

AS WE GATHER on this Mother’s Day, we rejoice in the relationships the Lord has provided for us to share His love together. The key to heaven and to healthy relationships today is the forgiveness Jesus won for us. Like a child instructed to share the candy given to her from a parent, so we are to share the sweet forgiveness with one another and others. To share forgiveness is to provide the gift of life to others, which produces joy in our hearts.

All In

AS WE GATHER in the Month of May, our theme is “ALL!”  Christianity is about commitment, because our God is about commitment.  Today we hear two parables about a man who sacrificed all to acquire a treasure.  Our God was “All In” when it comes to our salvation.  It is by His grace, displayed on a cross and announced from an open and empty tomb that we have new and eternal life.

April 2019

The God Who Goes Before Us

AS WE GATHER in the Lord’s House and pause in this place, we consider the truth that Jesus was always “on the go.”  There was an urgency in His mission.  There was  a pressing need for Jesus to reach the world with His message of grace and mercy.  But notice where Jesus would go.  He went to the outcast, to the broken, to the marginalized, to the sinners.”  In other words, He came to us.

March 2019

Given By God

AS WE GATHER in worship we are recipients of God’s grace that is poured out to us in Word and Sacrament.  Our faith is strengthened, our sins are forgiven, the Lord’s promise of eternal life is delivered.  All this is given to us only because God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son.

Jesus our Suffering Servant

AS WE GATHER to worship the Creator of all things and King of the universe, we recognize that He came into our world with one mission:  “to seek and save the lost.”  Imagine the love Jesus must have for us and the entire sinful world that He would leave the glory of heaven to come into our broken world and our hurting lives.

The Message

AS WE GATHER in worship each week we hear words of forgiveness that echo from the cross to our ears and hearts that long for grace.  Too often we take forgiveness for granted.  It’s always available. It’s easily accessible.  It’s given in abundant doses.  Today we pause to hear again that it is only by the love of God that we have access to the forgiveness that Jesus won for us on the cross and now gives us new and eternal life.